These Facts about Unstable Diffusion AI You will Shock You – 2024

If you are looking for an AI image generator without any restrictions, Unstable Diffusion AI is here for you. By using Unstable Diffusion AI, you can generate AI images according to your requirements without any restriction or censorship. In this article, we will talk all about Unstable Diffusion and how to use it.

What is Unstable Diffusion AI and how it Works?

Unstable Diffusion AI is a NSFW (Not Safe for Work) neural network-based image generator tool that uses diffusion modelling to perform its operations. It starts with an image of random noise and gradually adds more details. This process does not stop until the required image is generated. Since it comes with no restrictions or censorship, it’s becoming the preferable choice amount creators for making artwork, memes, and other forms of creative content.

Unstable Diffusion AI

Why Unstable Diffusion AI? – Key Features

Here are some key features of Unstable Diffusion that are worth mentioning.

  1. Neural Network Architecture: Unstable Diffusion uses the PixelCNN++ neural network architecture which helps to generate high-quality images with great details. This model can extract the smallest detail from the given prompt.
  2. Efficient technique: This model can create unmatchable quality images due to its dynamic technique. This model is trained on more than 100 million images which is why this tool is familiar with multiple conditions and settings. This is also the reason behind very high-quality and detailed images.
  3. Versatility: This AI tool can generate multiple types of images. It can generate cartoony, anime, abstract, and realistic images which makes it famous among creators and digital artists.
  4. Anime mode: Unstable Diffusion has recently improved its Anime mode which now understands prompts better, reduces age biases, and improves visual quality. This is the reason it is becoming more popular become Anime lovers.
  5. Accessibility: Unstable Diffusion offers both a command line interface and a graphical user interface. The command line interface can be accessed from Discord and the graphical user interface can be accessed from any web browser.

How to use Unstable Diffusion AI?

The very first step to use Unstable Diffusion AI is to have an account. And for that, you can simply Sign Up.

Singing Up for Unstable Diffusion AI

  • Simply head over to Google and search “Unstable Diffusion”.
  • Click on the first link that says Unstable Diffusion and you will be directed to the website.
  • Click on Sign Up to create an account.
  • This is worth noting that to Sign Up on Unstable Diffusion, you will require a Google or Discord account.
  • After Signing Up with either of them, your next step is to generate the image.
Unstable Diffusion AI

Generating Image from Unstable Diffusion AI

  • The results generated from AI tools totally depends on the prompt. The better the prompt is, the better the result will be. To get the best results, the prompt should be exact and detailed.
  • If there is something that you do not want in your image, you can also add a negative prompt under Exclude section. The tool will make sure not to add the mentioned subject to your image. For Example, add “unrealistically” in the exclude box to get realistic results.
  • Unstable Diffusion offers a wide range of genres for your results like “abstract,” “cartoony,” “realistic” and “anime”. You can choose the desired genre for the best and expected results.
  • Once you have crafted the completed and detailed prompt, simply paste it into the text box.
  • You now have to select an aspect ratio according to your requirements. You have to move the slider to the left or right to change the ratio.
  • The next and final step is to choose how many pictures you want to generate. You can do that according to your requirements. Once the number of images is decided, simply click on “CREATE” or press “Ctrl + Enter” from your keyboard. Your images will be generated within no time. (Prompt)

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Unstable Diffusion Pricing Model

You can use Unstable Diffusion for free as long as you have a Google or Discord account but you have to face some restrictions for example free plan offers only 100 slow credits. For more credits, you will have to move to paid plans. Here are the details of paid plans.

Basic Plan

This plan will cost you $14.99 per month and allows you to have 1000 fast credits per month and 500 slow credits per week. However, you cannot use generated images from this plan for commercial purposes.

Premium Plan

This plan costs you $29.99 per month and allows you to have 3000 fast credits per month and no limitation on slow credits. The images generated from this plan can be used for commercial purposes.

Pro Plan

This plan will cost you $59.99 per month and allows you to have 6000 fast credits per month and no limitation on slow credits. In the pro plan, you can give 6 requests simultaneously and images generated in this plan can be used for commercial purposes.

You can choose your plan according to your requirements. If you are a digital creator, you should go for a premium or pro plan because only they allow commercial use of images.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can Unstable Diffusion generate Anime images?

Yes, it can generate Anime images. Unstable Diffusion’s Anime mode has been recently updated and it can understand prompts better and has improved visual quality.

  • Is Unstable Diffusion free?

Unstable Diffusion has both free and paid plans. You can choose a plan according to your requirements.

  • Can I download Unstable Diffusion on my PC?

Unfortunately, No. It cannot be downloaded and only can be accessed through Discord or a web browser.


In conclusion, Unstable Diffusion is a great AI tool that can generate high-quality images without any censorship or restrictions. It can be accessed through Discord or any web browser. Unstable Diffusion can bring your imagination into reality.

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