Mobians AI – Create Your Sonic Characters and Avatars in 2024

Are you a huge fan of Sonic the Hedgehog and you want to generate some unique characters from the Sonic fantasy? Mobians AI can be a convenient tool for you. With this tool, you can generate a lot of characters from the Sonic franchise like Sonic the Hedgehog, Knuckles, Tails, Doctor Eggman, and many more. In this article, we will talk about Mobians and how to use them.

What is Mobians AI?

Mobians is an AI-powered NSFW (Not Safe For Work) tool that is specifically designed to generate custom characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. By using Mobians, You can generate unique and personalized Sonic characters according to your preferences. You can also generate characters from other franchises. Whether you are a fanfiction writer, a Sonic enthusiast, or an anime artist, Mobians provides limitless abilities to bring your imagination into reality.

Why Choose Mobians AI?

Let’s discuss some reasons to choose Mobians over other image-generating software

  1. Mobians offers a wide range of customization options to create your preferred Sonic the Hedgehog character. You can choose eye color, fur color, clothing items, and accessories to make your character unique.
  2. It allows you to create Sonic original characters from different species like foxes, hedgehogs, males, females, cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, reptiles, and many more.
  3. You can push the boundaries of your creativity and different elements of different characters to generate hybrid Sonic characters.
  4. Once your unique character is generated, you can easily download your character in a high-quality image. This allows you to use that character in your artwork, stories, or social media posts.
  5. If you cannot decide the name of your character, Mobians can also help you with that. It will provide suggestions for a character’s name based on the species and characteristics of your character.

How Mobians AI can be Helpful for You?

Here are some use cases of Mobians:

  1. Mobians can be a very valuable inspiration for many Sonic fanfiction writers and storytellers. They can use this tool to visualize their character and develop their Sonic universe.
  2. Artists can use this tool to bring their imagination to life and design unique art on digital platforms.
  3. You can share your uniquely designed Sonic character on social media platforms and engage with Sonic fandom. You can showcase your creativity, connect with fellow fans, and receive feedback on your designed character.

How to use Mobians AI Effectively

Mobians AI is web based application and you can easily use it on your browser. To generate your favourite character form Mobians AI, you need to follow few simple steps.

Mobians AI

  • The user interface is very simple, and you just need to enter your prompt in the prompt box.
  • Click on the “Options” buttons and a drop-down menu will appear.
Mobians AI

  • You will see some modes to select.
  • Select the model that suits your requirements.
  • Under this, you will find the image aspect ratio menu.
  • You can choose between Square, Landscape, and portrait.
Mobians AI

Negative Prompt

A negative prompt is one or more than one word that describes what you don’t want in your output. For example, if you want to make ultra-realistic images with perfect hands, add “unnatural hands” as a negative prompt.

For Mobians AI, you will find a prompt box called “Negative Prompt”. There will be some already existing negative prompts in the prompt box. You can also add a prompt by yourself.

Seed and CFG-7 Values

This is the value that directly affects the realism and quality of your output. Increasing these values may generate better results, but the results may not be too close to the prompt.

It is recommended to keep these values on default. Although you can still play around with the values to choose what best works for you.

Specific Prompt

While entering your prompt, make sure to be very specific. It is important to add minor details in the prompt to get the best results. Include species like “hedgehogs”, “fox”, and “wolf”. You can also mention styles like “Sonic”, “Anime”, and “modern”. Also do not forget color and features like clothing, eye color, and accessories.

Now click on “Generate” and your image will start generating. Unfortunately, unlike other AI image generators, it does not generate images faster. It puts your request in the queue. When the queue ends, you get your generated images. Those images come with a watermark. You can log in with your Discord to unlock upscale images and remove the watermark.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that are frequently asked by users.

  • Is Mobians AI free to use?

Mobians does not offer any subscription packages. It is completely free to use right now.

  • Can I generate only Sonic images?

Even though Mobians is specifically designed to generate the Sonic franchise’s character, you can still generate other characters

  • What is the difference between Mobians AI and other AI image generators?

Other AI image generators are designed to generate all kinds of images while Mobians is designed to generate Sonic characters.

  • Is there any limit regarding the number of characters in an image?

No, there is no limit on number of characters in an image. You can add as much as you want.

  • Can I run it on my PC?

Yes, Mobians is available to use on the local system. It uses stable diffusion to run on your PC.


In conclusion, Mobians is a great tool for Sonic the Hedgehog fan. By using this tool, you can generate any characters from the Sonic franchise. You can also generate characters from other franchises. The only limit is your imagination.

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