Conch AI – An AI Text Generator You Need in 2024

If you are looking to elevate your research and learning skills, Conch AI is here for you. This AI tool takes your ideas and converts them into well-structured, grammatically correct masterpieces. Conch AI generates plagiarized free text 10 times, usually faster than any other AI text generator.

What is Conch AI?

Conch AI is an AI-powered tool that can help you write faster and better. It helps you craft humanize AI-written text, chat with any file, and many more. It is specifically designed to increase productivity in studying, researching, and writing. With the help of Conch, you can rewrite, paraphrase, autocomplete sentences, and do many more similar operations.

Conch AI Browser Extension

Conch AI can analyse any PDF file, document, or image and get the answers instantly. It comes with a Chrome extension which means it can be used anywhere at any time within your browser. This functions by answering your questions immediately that you might ask while you are working and don’t want to break the workflow. It is very useful for researchers, students, and professionals to improve their writing skills and work.

This tool is a heaven for researchers, as it helps them research and gather the information they require. For students, it can help to write academic articles, and scientific papers faster and better. For professionals, Conch can help them with resumes, job applications, cover letters, and many more without any AI detection.

Conch AI - Browser Extension

How does Conch AI work?

Conch AI works on the principle of augmenting with human capabilities instead of replacing them. For Example, it uses the context of a given file and the writing style of the writer to provide the best suggestion for their research. It uses the same writing style so that it cannot be detected by any AI.

Study tools can generate flashcards and notes from multiple sources including live recordings making it an invaluable resource for professionals and students. The enhanced tool focuses on refining AI-generated text making it sound less robotic and more human. Chat tools do a deep analysis of files and extract insights.

Conch AI

How to Use Conch AI?

To use Conch AI:

  • Head over to Conch AI website and click on Sign Up button. []
  • For Sign Up, complete the process by entering all necessary details.
  • You are ready to write your first essay.
  • Simply click on the write button and add a prompt for the essay.
  • While entering your prompt, it will predict and autocomplete your sentences. This will speed up your writing.
  • You can also upload a sample essay so Conch AI can copy your writing style.
  • Click on “Next” and your essay will be generated in no time.
  • If you want to cite a sentence, just highlight the sentence and click on “Cite” and add the citation.
Conch AI - Interdac

Paraphrasing Using Conch AI

You can also paraphrase the sentence, change the tone, or make it longer. To check the nature of the text, whether it is written with AI or by humans, click on the “Check for AI” button. It will highlight all text is AI-generated. You can rewrite that entire text to make it humanized by just clicking on “Humanize All”.

If you want notes or flashcards, click on “Study”. It will generate all notes and flashcards for you. For that, you can record your material or provide a YouTube link. In the “Chat” option, you can upload a file and ask all about that file. You will also get some prompt suggestions. The “Enhance” section will examine your essay and will provide suggestions for improvement.

Conch has helped multiple users to enhance their writing skills and skyrocket their grades. It is also very helpful in improving the writing skills of its users.

Pricing for Conch AI

Conch offers free plan as well as paid plans. You can choose one according to your requirements.

Conch Classic: Conch Classic is a free plan. It only provides 1000 words per month. You will have access to the Chrome extension and enhancer feature. You may also have to face some ads.

Conch Pro: Conch Pro will cost you $9.99 per month, and it comes with 10,000 words per month. Like the classic plan, you will also have access to Chrome extension, and enhancer, and you will also get a citation generator and will not face any ads.

Conch Limitless: Conch Limitless will cost you $19.99 and it will provide you with unlimited words. It also comes with a Chrome extension, an enhancer, a citation generator, no ads, and early access to new features. (pricing)

Conch offers a free way to get some tokens that can be used to pay for AI bypass.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use Conch without creating an account?

Conch can be used without creating an account but it does not come with all features. You will only be able to access some of its features. It is recommended to create an account before using it.

  • Will Conch bypass Turnitin?

Yes, Conch claims that their anti-AI-detection technology is powerful enough to bypass any AI detector including Turnitin.

  • How to get Conch for free?

Go to the Conch website or download the Conch extension from Chrome extensions and use Conch Classic which is free to use.


In conclusion, Conch is a great AI tool that can evaluate your writing skills, enhance your research, write essays, and bypass AI detection. It can do all kinds of writing jobs for you and make your life easier. Just head over to Conch and start using it right away.

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