Here is How to Download and Install Stable Diffusion’s Anything V4.5 Model

If you are into Stable Diffusion models, you must be familiar with one of the best Stable Diffusion anime models, Anything V3. You will get to know some insights about the model as we proceed further in the blog. Moreover, you will learn what is Anything V4.5 Stable diffusion model, how to download it, and install on your machine. If you love anime, you are in for a treat. So let’s get started!


The Origin of Anything V3 and Anything V4.5 Stable Diffusion

Anything V3 model is famous for its fantastic output in the anime genre. It is considered one of the best anime Stable Diffusion models to exist. Surprisingly, very few people know where it came from. Someone from China anonymously launched it over the internet. Despite its popularity, no one claimed to be its creator.

Building on this, someone took Anything V3 a step further, leading it to Anything V4, and eventually Anything V4.5 Stable Diffusion. So it’s obvious, Anything V4.5 Stable Diffusion wasn’t developed by the creator of Anything V3. Instead, it is developed by someone who used the existing source code of Anything V3.


Anything V3 Vs Anything V4.5 Stable Diffusion

Here is a demonstration of how both models are practically different from each other. While they share similarities, you will notice more details in the Anything V4.5 model.

anything v3
Anything V3 – PC: Pirate Diffusion
anything v4.5 stable diffusion
Anything V4.5
Anything V3 A
Anything V3 A
Anything V4.5 A
Anything V4.5 A

How to Download and Install Anything V4.5 Stable Diffusion

To download Anything V4.5 Stable Diffusion, you have to follow these simple steps.

  • Got to Hugging Face and Login.
  • If you don’t have an account, sign up.
  • Search for “Anything V4.5” in the search bar.
  • Choose the “Airic/Anything-V4.5”

Airic/Anything-V4.5 Stable Diffusion

  • Head to Files and Versions Section.
  • Download your preferred model format (.ckpt or .safetensor).
  • Check out the difference between the model formats here.
  • Click here to check out the step-by-step guide on how to install the model on your PC.


Anything V3 is considered to be one of the best anime Stable Diffusion models ever. It was originally launched by someone in China anonymously. Taking it to the next step, the Anything V4.5 Stable Diffusion model was launched recently. Some of the differences between the two are demonstrated in the blog. Additionally, you can download and install Stable Diffusion on your machine by following few simple steps shared in the blog.

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